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Province endorses PEI Watershed Strategy

(2015-06-18) The Prince Edward Island Watershed Strategy will ensure meaningful watershed enhancement and protection, said Minister of Communities, Land and Environment Robert Mitchell.

"The P.E.I. Watershed Strategy is the result of a strong partnership between the Island's Watershed Alliance and the provincial government. The strategy provides a roadmap for us going forward as we work to improve watershed management across the province," said Minister Mitchell. "I see this strategy as an important step towards setting an overall direction for watershed management in the province. I want to thank the committee members who worked hard on the development of this strategy to ensure it will be an effective resource in the future of watershed planning."

The strategy is intended to be a guide for individuals, community groups, businesses and government agencies who are involved with the conservation and restoration of watersheds. It outlines how government and watershed groups will work together towards the achievement of noted long-term and short-term goals related to Island watersheds and presents collective responsibilities of action moving forward.

"Today marks an important day for watershed management on Prince Edward Island. It is extremely pleasing to see the completion of the P.E.I. Watershed Strategy and we emphasize the value of partnerships in reaching this point," said Chair of the P.E.I. Watershed Alliance Dale Cameron. "We look forward to active participation from all Islanders in the implementation of this strategy resulting in meaningful watershed management and protection of P.E.I.'s most important natural resource - water."

Objectives of the strategy include ensuring watersheds provide sustainable quantities of clean, safe water; enhancing watershed ecosystems; increasing capacity of individuals, organizations and industries to take responsibility for protecting and managing watershed ecosystems; enhancing partnerships to empower engagement on watershed management; and increasing public awareness.

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