Kensington North Watersheds Association

2012 News

Water Sampling

(2012-11-07) Late this summer, the Association began collecting water samples from a number of watersheds that have had little or no water testing in the past. The current focus is on the concentration of nitrates in the surface water samples. These data will provide a baseline to which tests in future years can be compared. Biweekly samples will be collected until mid-December and monthly sampling will continue over the coming winter. The samples are sent to the PEI Analytical Laboratories for analysis.

As discussed in an earlier article, nitrates from chemical fertilizer and manure used in agriculture, plus septic systems and industry are the major source of nutrients that cause algae blooms in our estuaries. These blooms, in turn, can cause anoxic events which have a detrimental impact the fish, shellfish, and plants in the affected area.

The solid green dots on the attached map mark the locations of the water sampling sites being collected by the Association. The other "dots" mark water sampling sites collected by the Province over the years. The dots have been classified by sample type: estuary (salt water), pond (standing water) and stream (flowing water). More information on the Provincial data can be found at the PEI Dept. of Environment's Surface Water Quality website.

Results of the Association's testing should be available in the coming months.

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