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Location Sought for Confederation Forest Project

(2013-09-25) Kensington North Watersheds and the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project are looking for a four-hectare (10 acre) site in Prince County to create a Confederation Forest as part of the 2014 celebrations. Three Acadian forests, one for each county, will become a lasting legacy of our Confederation, highlighting our continuing efforts to create healthy communities that include natural areas. The Macphail Woods project has received funds from the PEI 2014 program for these plantings and will be raising additional funds to supplement this grant.

Native plant species of trees, shrubs, ferns and wildflowers will be used and on each site we will plant large red oak, our provincial tree. Unsurfaced walking trails will be integrated into the planting design to encourage active lifestyles and promote the enjoyment of these new natural areas. But most importantly, the new forests will become valuable habitat for Island wildlife, provide seed sources for rare trees and shrubs and offer valuable teaching opportunities for local schools and community groups.

Leading up to the plantings, a series of community gatherings will be held to explore the role of forests in Island history since Confederation and the values they presently offer. The design of the local Confederation Forest planting and the importance of positive community action to restore our Island's delicate ecosystems will also be discussed.

The potential site could be open (an old field or a grassed parkland) area or lightly wooded. It must be accessible to the public and there must be a long-term commitment to keep the area as a woodland. The plantings will be the start of a forest, and will become more and more beautiful as the trees get older. They are meant to be natural areas, instead of parks with tall trees and lots of mowed grass.

Macphail Woods will supply the native plants, create the trail, look after the publicity and signage, and lead the community events. We will encourage volunteer assistance and community support for each planting.

If you have a piece of property that you would like to offer for this project, please contact Kensington North Watersheds at or call 432-4988, or Gary Schneider at Macphail Woods at or call 651-2575 by October 15.

The article can be found online in The County Line Courier, Vol. 21, No. 18, Pg. 01.

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