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What are Household Hazardous Wastes and What do I do with them?

(2019-03-06) The most common responses as to why households aren't disposing of these products properly were 1, they didn't know what products were considered hazardous wastes and 2, they didn't know hazardous wastes were disposed separately from regular waste.

So, what is a household hazardous waste? When we hear the term hazardous waste, it elicits images of large, bright yellow warning labels, hazmat suits, and mysterious green, oozing fluid, but hazardous wastes can be much more inconspicuous than that. Hazardous wastes are considered unwanted products that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, or explosive - or some combination of those four. Many of us probably have a shelf in our house filled with obvious examples of these.

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Household Hazardous Waste Survey Summary

(2019-03-06) We received over three-hundred responses to the Household Hazardous Waste Survey sent out last November. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our survey, both online or by mail!

We received a wide range of responses when we asked how households dispose of each product category, but we found that most households are disposing of unwanted products correctly by taking them to a Waste Watch Drop-off Centre (WWDC) or another dealer for disposal.

The results in other categories such as cosmetics, personal care items, and light bulbs showed that many households may not be disposing of these unwanted products correctly at a WWDC.

Click here to view the complete survey summary published in The County Line Courier.

Thank you

(2018-12-14) A big thank you to our many members, volunteers, supporters and funders for your continued support of our work.

Hazardous Household Waste Survey

(2018-11-24) A Hazardous Household Waste Survey has recently been delivered to households in the Kensington North Area. The survey is part of our Environment and Climate Change Canada EcoAction hazardous waste pilot project. The goal of the project is to encourage the proper disposal of hazardous wastes and divert them from landfills and sewage systems in order to protect our water.

The survey is intended to determine the levels of knowledge regarding hazardous household waste and what barriers currently exist that hinder proper disposal.

The survey can be found at

Participants who provide contact information will be entered in the draw to win 1 of five rain barrels or a Tim Horton's gift card.

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