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2018 News

Thank you

(2018-12-14) A big thank you to our many members, volunteers, supporters and funders for your continued support of our work.

Hazardous Household Waste Survey

(2018-11-24) A Hazardous Household Waste Survey has recently been delivered to households in the Kensington North Area. The survey is part of our Environment and Climate Change Canada EcoAction hazardous waste pilot project. The goal of the project is to encourage the proper disposal of hazardous wastes and divert them from landfills and sewage systems in order to protect our water.

The survey is intended to determine the levels of knowledge regarding hazardous household waste and what barriers currently exist that hinder proper disposal.

The survey can be found at

Participants who provide contact information will be entered in the draw to win 1 of five rain barrels or a Tim Horton's gift card.

Membership Drive

(2018-08-01) Are you a member of Kensington North Watersheds Association? Why not consider becoming one today?

From now through the Kensington Harvest Festival all new memberships will be eligible to win prizes. In week one we showcased Robert Milner's amazing painting. Last week we added a chance to win one of two rain barrels ... installed at your location within the Kensington North area.

This week we are adding a chance to win one of four swallow boxes installed at your location within the Kensington North Area!

Membership forms and pre-addressed envelopes will be available in the Kensington Town Hall lobby where the painting will also on display beginning Tuesday, July 17th. Forms can be mailed or dropped at the Town hHall in a sealed envelope. Forms can also be found here.

Support this hardworking crew provide clean water and a healthy environment today!

Soil Health Report Now On-line

(2018-05-28) The final report of our three year soil health project entitled Promoting Soil Health and Conservation: Agriculture Stewardship Project 2015-2018 is now available on-line.

Click here to view the Introduction.

Or click here to view the full report. (1.5 MB)

Workshop Presentations

(2018-05-17) Speaker presentations from the recent Grower Information Meeting held in Kensington are now available on-line.

Farming Forever

(2018-05-16) The latest Farming Forever articles are now on-line.

Annual General Meeting

(2018-04-16) The Annual General Meeting of the Kensington North Watersheds Assoc. will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 24th at the Kensington Legion, 30 Garden Dr., Kensington.

The Honorable Richard Brown, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment for PEI, will speak about the Department's future direction on Climate Change, Watershed Groups, and other current environmental topics.

In addition, Matt Ramsay, KNWSA Agricultural Consultant, will present information on the final report for our three year Soil Health project.

Refreshments, All Welcome, Memberships Available

Kensington North Announces New Executive Director

(2018-04-07) Kensington North Watersheds Association has had a change of Executive Director of the organization. Johanna Kelly has recently been hired, replacing Barry Murray, who will remain on staff part time, as an assistant projects manager.

Johanna is a former board member and has worked as a project manager for the association for the past year. She has experience in small business, accounting and is passionate about ecological issues. She lives in Spring Valley.

“I look forward to cleaning up the mess that Murray left”, says Johanna, laughing over Barry’s shoulder. “I’m pretty thrilled to have this opportunity to help with watershed and environmental issues. We have several projects underway and in the works that will benefit Kensington North, and continue the great work that has been done to date. Barry has set the bar quite high in the quality of work we do and the partnerships we have formed. We are confident that he has firmly set us on a path for continued success in the Kensington North community.”

Johanna is being ably assisted by Josh Lindsay, Projects Manager. Josh has many years of watershed experience, has worked with the Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries, has a degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology, along with two diplomas and several other courses, making him a huge asset to Kensington North.

“Boy, these 18 watersheds are in some bad shape! What have you been doing for the past 10 years Murray?” jokes Josh. “I’ve had many positions over the years, and I really hope I’ll be with Kensington North for a long time. Its very good to have the opportunity to do good work in the field I love”, says Josh. Both Josh and Johanna have been staff members of Kensington North since last spring and have become familiar with the people, projects and places of our watersheds.

Barry Murray has been with Kensington North since its inception in 2007. He will stay on in a part time position to finish up a few projects and help with the transition to the new team. “They really don’t have any evidence. There’s no proof. It wasn’t all my fault!” laughs Barry with a wink. “Our role as a Watershed group is changing, and its a good time to have new energy, direction and ideas from people like Josh and Johanna”.

Johanna was hired by the Board of Directors of Kensington North after a job competition that held five interviews for the position of Executive Director. Under the guidance of the Board, Johanna, Josh and the rest of the Kensington North team will be working hard to keep our waters clean and productive for our community and for fish and other wildlife.

Pheasants Released

(2018-02-21) Eighteen Ring-necked Pheasants were released at two locations in Indian River over the last few weeks. This release is part of an ongoing effort to increase the Pheasant population on PEI.

We wish to acknowledge the financial support of the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund that made this possible.

Water Act Update

(2018-01-16) Last week after the Board of Directors meeting, Bruce Raymond, Manager of Water and Air Monitoring for PEI Department of Communities, Land and Environment, gave a presentation to a number of local members and growers on the current status of the new Water Act.

Mr. Raymond provided background information on the Consultation Process and elaborated on the various sections of the new Act. He answered many questions from those in attendance.

Click here to view an editted version of his presentation.

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