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PEI Winter Woodlot Tour

(2017-01-09) The 2017 PEI Winter Woodlot Tour and Workshop will be held on Saturday, January 21st past 452 Clyde Road, Hazel Grove, off Route 2 between Hunter River and Fredericton. This free event runs from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

For more information and updates visit the 2017 Winter Woodlot Tour page on Facebook.

Good Neighbour Award

(2017-01-03) At the Town's New Year levee, Kensington Mayor Rowan Caseley presented the inaugural Good Neighbour Award to the Kensington North Watershed Association. Secretary Paul Christensen and Executive Director Barry Murray were at the levee and received the award on behalf of the Association.

Mayor Caseley said that he "had a page of names that (he) had to narrow down. It was extremely difficult because each and every name on the list is extremely deserving." The award is presented to an individual, a group or and organization that has demonstrated volunteerism, charity, leadership, community building, youth development, environment stewardship or education as selected by the Mayor.

The KNWSA helped the town with several projects since it's inception, said Caseley, including arranging and executing the clean-up of the Alysha Toombs Memorial Park, waste clean-up of the old dump site located behind the town's waste water treatment lagoon as well as educational presentations to the community's youth on watershed protection, conservation and safety.

Click here to read the article in the Journal Pioneer.

Water Management Report

(2016-05-06) A report on the work of the Kensington Water Management Committee over the last two years is available here.

More information on managing water can be found here.

AGM Guest Speaker

(2016-05-06) Todd Dupuis, Executive Director for Environment with the PEI Department of Communities, Land and Environment, was the guest speaker at Kensington North's Annual General Meeting. His three part presentation began with a strategy on what watershed groups can do to relieve stress on our fresh water fish as our waters gradually warm with climate change. He also spoke on how our province is preparing policy and programs regarding climate change with the federal government and the other provinces and territories. Lastly, he gave us an update on the activities regarding PEI's Water Act, and what lies ahead.

Click here for his Climate Change and Fish presentation (1.6 Mb) and here for his Water Act presentation (0.8 Mb).

Tracking Nutrients

(2016-04-27) Agronomist Harvey Cairns has been working closely with Kensington area farmers on finding the right rate of application of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer.

Click here for his report to the 4R MOU Committee for PEI.

Cornell Soil Health Test - A Thorough Examination of Soil

(2016-04-27) Kensington North has been working closely with the Dept. of Agriculture and Fisheries on piloting the Cornell Soil Health Test with local farmers, with the long term goal of creating a PEI Soil Health test. Click here for our first annual report on this three year project.

A more thorough explanation of the Cornell Soil Health Test can be found in the online Training Manual.

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